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Credit card basics

Keep on top of payments

Join over one million customers who've already set up a Direct Debit. Never miss a payment and always pay on time.

Keep your credit rating healthy

Hints, tips and videos are available, just visit Credit Made Clearer.

Make the most of your account

Managing your account online is the easiest and safest way to keep track, sign into your account now.

Other ways to pay

Direct Debit not for you? No worries we've other ways to pay too.

Manage your account the easy way

Credit is a common way of borrowing money for things you need right now, but want or need to pay for later. Each month you'll pay back some or all of what you've borrowed along with a little extra (interest). The more you borrow and the longer you take to pay it back, the more interest you'll need to pay.

Sticking to the three key things below will help you on the path...

  1. 1

    Pay at least the minimum

    Build your credit rating and avoid a fee by repaying the minimum payment each month.Bonus hint: You can pay more to pay off your balance quicker and pay less interest. Set up a Direct Debit so you never miss a payment date.

  2. 2

    Pay on time

    Got a balance? If the answer's 'yes' then you'll need to make your payment on time, each month. This due date is on your statement, which you can find by signing into your online account.Bonus hint: Pay on time and pay the right amount by setting up a Direct Debit

  3. 3

    Stay within your credit limit

    There's a maximum amount of credit you're allowed to borrow (credit limit). You can find your limit by signing into your online account.Bonus hint: Set up an alert that gives you a nudge if you get close to your credit limit by signing into your online account.

Mobile app

Your account on your mobile - anytime, anywhere

Now you can always keep track of your account and access all your card information instantly with our free mobile smart app.

Improve your credit rating

This makes it easier to get other loans, a mortgage or contracts. It can also mean you become eligible for credit limit increases with your Capital One card as we learn how you manage your credit.

The top three things to help improve your credit rating

  1. 1

    Get on the electoral register

    This is really important if you are new to credit. You can get on the register by going to the Government services and information websiteopens in a new tab

  2. 2

    Pay all your bills each month

    On time and at least the minimum amount. That means credit cards, mortgage, mobile phones, utilities - the lot! To help make sure, set up Direct Debits wherever you need to make regular monthly payments.

  3. 3

    Stay within your credit limit

    Check if you can manage your other finances online. That way you can check your other credit limits, as well as your minimum payments and payment due dates at any time for all your financial providers.


The easier way to pay

Your contactless card is the simple way to pay in seconds for purchases of £100 and under, without entering your PIN.

Features of your card

Keep track of your account

Managing your account online is the easiest and safest way to keep track of everything to do with your credit card.

Sign in to your account

Extra cardholder

To help simplify your household finances, you can get extra credit cards for up to three family members.

Sign in to your online account to add an extra cardholder

Balance transfers

You may save money by moving all your higher rate credit and store card balances over to Capital One.

Move your money

Giving you peace of mind

From Anti-Fraud Protection and monitoring, day to day online security and ID Theft Prevention Support Service.

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